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Mandatory Confirmation of Arrival at Stanford

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J visa regulations require that your SEVIS record is validated within a specified period. Validation cannot occur until after you arrive at Stanford and submit the proper form. 

As a J scholar issued a DS-2019 by Stanford for a J-1 Research Scholar or Short-Term Scholar category, you must follow these instructions so that your SEVIS records can be validated within the required timeframe.

After you arrive in the U.S., complete and submit the J Arrival and Insurance Confirmation web form.

You must complete and submit the form no later than the 15th day after the program start date indicated on your DS-2019.

  • If you will not arrive by the 15th day, you must contact your department administrator immediately and request an amended DS-2019 to show a later program start date.
  • If the duration of your J program is less than 15 days, you must submit the form after your arrival and prior to your departure and the program end date indicated on the DS-2019.
  • If you are transferring to Stanford from another institution, you must submit the form upon your arrival at Stanford.

Note that you must have health insurance that satisfies J visa requirements. More information is available on the Health Insurance for Scholars webpage. The form is available at J Arrival and Insurance Confirmation.