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H-1B Document Checklist

Employee name: 

Dept. Contact name:

Dept.  Contact phone and email:

Type of Request (mark one)

_ Initial H-1B - Consular processing
_ Initial H-1B - Change of Status to H-1B within U.S.
_ Extension of current Stanford sponsored H-1B status, Consular processing
_ Extension of current Stanford sponsored H-1B status, within U.S.
_ Transfer of H-1B status from a different H-1B sponsor to Stanford (port)
_ Amendment of current H-1B status

Please use the links on the following checklist to compile two sets of single-sided documents (an original and a copy), no staples, in the order presented below.

Print this checklist and check off each item to confirm documentation. Attach the checklist on top of the two sets of documents and bring them to Bechtel International Center.

The two sets of documents must include:

_ Cover letter
_ Licensure (for physicians only; those with > 20% FTE patient care must hold an MD from a US medical school or have passed all three parts of the US MLEs)
_ Evidence of waiver or fulfillment of two year home residency requirement 212(e) if employee has ever been in J status and was subject to the two year home residency requirement.
_ Copy of most recent I-94 record.* Provide copy of I-94 reflecting most recent entry into US. If most recent entry was after March 2013, H1b beneficiary should print it from CBP database. (Other I-94s attached to Form I-797 should be included with immigration history documents.)
_ Payroll history* (3 months most recent pay statements in reverse chronological order. Additional optional items for those in F-1 OPT status.)
_ Employee's CV
_ Educational credentials (Diploma and Diploma evaluation if degree was earned outside the US)
_ Job offer/Re-appointment letter
_ Complete immigration history (in this order: passport pages with biographical info as well as visa and entry/exit stamps; current and previous immigration documents in reverse chronological order)

_ Dependent documents
_ Mailing labels
_ Checks
_ Affidavit signed by employee's supervisor

_ Waiver of Liability-Form I-129 signed by employee 

*These items are not required for petitions filed for employees outside the US who will apply for a visa abroad and enter in H-1B status.