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H-1B Petition Process

Information on H-1B visas and timelines for submission

A complete application consists of:

  • Workflow transaction in Axess approved by all required approvers.
  • Paper documentation required for submitting the visa request to the Dept. of Homeland Security. See the checklists for the required documentation.
  • Review the relevant portions of the "Assembly" section of the CIS page with instructions about how to tab, identify and compile evidence under "In preparing your packet."

Need to know the difference between a "new petition" and a "change of status?" What's "consular processing?" See this document to dispel the mystery! See also this reference sheet before you start.

USCIS Fees For H-1 Visa

The Workflow Process in Axess

Workflow provides each approver in the system with the ability to approve, return or deny a transaction. The Workflow sequence is as follows:

  1. Department administrator initiates the visa transaction.
  2. Employee enters biographical, educational and employment history in Axess or through Secure Portal.
  3. Department administrator enters job information details.
  4. The export control questionnaire must be completed by eligible faculty supervisor/HR manager who has completed STARS course DOR-1130.
  5. Depending on the Stanford classification, the request may be routed to Dean of Research/Office of Postdoctoral Affairs/HR Labor Relations/School HRM for approval.
  6. The request may be routed to the Department administrator for final review.
  7. Bechtel International Center reviews the application, prepares the petition and submits it to USCIS.

See detailed instructions about completing Workflow panels.

Bechtel Process and Approval

  • Once the department administrator compiles and delivers the required documentation, Bechtel International Center will review it. If any documentation is missing, the department will be notified by e-mail.
  • We do not review cover letters in advance of receiving the documentation for the H-1 petition at Bechtel.
  • We will create and sign the following documents based on the approved data.
    • Labor Conditions Application (LCA)
    • Prevailing Wage and Actual Wage forms
    • I-129 form
  • The petition will be submitted to USCIS, the workflow request will be approved and the department notified by email.
  • We will notify the department administrator of any subsequent communication with the USCIS including
    • Receipt Notices—Once received, the H-1B petition will be issued a receipt notice by USCIS. Departments can inquire abouta receipt number ten days after submission. This receipt may be used to track the progress of the petition. Please note that premium processing cases are often approved before the receipt is received by the Bechtel International Center.
    • Requests For Evidence—Occasionally USCIS requires additional documentation and the department will be contacted to provide this.
    • Approval NoticesWhen we receive the  H-1B petition approval, the department is notified that the form is available for pick up along with copies of the I-129 and LCAs filed with the USCIS. The department should make copies of the documents for its own records and give the original I-797 approval notice, the I-129 and LCA forms to the employee.

Checking the Status of a Workflow Request

The department administrator may check the progress of any submitted request. Sign into Axess and select Employee visa requests and see a list of all transactions submitted. Click on the transaction and open the Approval Schedule to see where the transaction is pending. We do not have access to the transaction until it reaches our queue.