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Funding Requirements for J-1 Scholars

There are minimum funding requirements for J-1 Visiting Scholars, Postdoctoral Scholars and Visiting Researchers at Stanford.

  • J-1 Visiting Scholars*: estimated living expenses of $2500 per month or $30,000 per year.
  • Postdoctoral Scholars: see the Office for Postdoctoral Affairs.
  • Visiting Student Researchers: (academic year) fees set by Registrar's office plus estimated living expenses ($2500/month).
2022-23 Visiting Student Researcher Fees
$2500 J Scholar living costs
$1224 VSR Reg Office Fee
$564 Cardinal Care Fee
$80 Campus Health Fee
TOTAL: $4368 per month


When funding is provided directly to the Scholar/Postdoc/Visiting Researcher from a non-Stanford source, the source of the funding must be identified on the workflow request.

*For non-Medical School appointments. Higher minimums are set by the Medical School.

Use the Dependent Funding Worksheet to calculate costs for J-2 dependents.

Funding Documentation Guidelines

  • All funding documents should be dated withing the last six months
  • Personal funds should be liquid assets that are easily accessible (e.g. bank accounts) and should not include stock investments or lines of credit
  • If a family member or another individual is providing financial support for the Exchange Visitor, the person should provide a bank statement(s) following the above criteria, along with a signed affidavit confirming financial support. The letter should note the amount he/she intends to provide and the duration of the Stanford appointment. This support should be entered under "Personal Funds". 
  • If funding is from a sponsoring organization or government agency, it should include:
    • A letter stating the total amount that will be provided to the Exchange Visitor for the appointment at Stanford and should include the appointment dates.
    • If an Exchange Visitor will continue to receive salary, the host institution or employer should provide a letter stating that the employee will continue to receive salary of X amount for the duration of the appointment at Stanford. Pay statements or tax documents are not acceptable. If the letter gives a range in financial support, enter the lower amount in the calculations.
    • Prorate funding amounts based on the length of the appointment.