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English Speaking Union Scholarship


Open to: 
Graduating students
Recent graduates/Alumni
Eligibility requirements: 
  • Have a bachelor's degree by the starting date of the grant and should intend to become an entering graduate student at a British university.
  • The area of academic interest must justify the taking of a graduate program at a British university.
  • Be a U.S. citizen and also a Bay Area resident, or have a current affiliation with a Bay Area university.
  • Have high academic standing, excellent recommendations and some community involvement and a broad range of extracurricular interests.


Application Process: 


There is no campus process for this award, however the ORC can assist with the application. The deadline falls in late March or early April each year.

Should I apply?

Important information including application criteria, which can help you determine if the English Speaking Union Scholarship is right for you, can be found at:


Additional information on the English Speaking Union Scholarship, including application criteria, can be found at:

Additional Information


How the ORC can help

After reading this website and the official English Speaking Union Scholarship website you should attend a U.K. awards information session. Info sessions can be found at This is your first step in working with the ORC team.

Amount Awarded: 
$20,000 per award
Number Awarded: 

About the English Speaking Union Scholarship

Each year the San Francisco Branch of the English-Speaking Union, with the support of the Anglo-California Foundation, awards multiple scholarships to Bay Area college graduates for graduate study at British Universities. They each are for a full-time student enrolled in a degree granting program at a British university. This branch has funded students pursing advanced degrees in the arts, the sciences, medicine, and literature. 

The ESU will offer two scholarships each in the amount of $20,000. The awards are intended to partially cover tuition and living expenses for the academic year commencing in the Fall and concluding in the Spring.

1 year program