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English Speaking Union Scholarship


Open to: 
Graduating students
Recent graduates/Alumni
Eligibility requirements: 
  • Have a bachelor's degree by the starting date of the grant and should intend to become an entering graduate student at a British university.
  • The area of academic interest must justify the taking of a graduate program at a British university.
  • Be a U.S. citizen and also a Bay Area resident, or have a current affiliation with a Bay Area university.
  • Have high academic standing, excellent recommendations and some community involvement and a broad range of extracurricular interests.


Application Process: 


There is no campus process for this award, however the ORC can assist with the application. The deadline falls in late March or early April each year.

Should I apply?

Important information including application criteria, which can help you determine if the English Speaking Union Scholarship is right for you, can be found at:


Additional information on the English Speaking Union Scholarship, including application criteria, can be found at:

Additional Information


How the ORC can help

After reading this website and the official English Speaking Union Scholarship website you should attend a U.K. awards information session. Info sessions can be found at This is your first step in working with the ORC team.

Amount Awarded: 
$20,000 per award
Number Awarded: 

About the English Speaking Union Scholarship

Each year the San Francisco Branch of the English-Speaking Union, with the support of the Anglo-California Foundation, awards multiple scholarships to Bay Area college graduates for graduate study at British Universities. They each are for a full-time student enrolled in a degree granting program at a British university. This branch has funded students pursing advanced degrees in the arts, the sciences, medicine, and literature. 

The ESU will offer two scholarships each in the amount of $20,000. The awards are intended to partially cover tuition and living expenses for the academic year commencing in the Fall and concluding in the Spring.

This program is currently on hold. June 2019.

1 year program