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Oxford Clarendon Graduate Scholarship


Open to: 
Graduate students
Eligibility requirements: 
  • Students applying to an Oxford graduate degree program


Application Process: 


The Oxford Clarendon Graduate Scholarship does not have a campus process. By applying for graduate study at Oxford, you will automatically be considered for a Clarendon Scholarship. The application process is lengthy and requires many months of preparation.

Should I apply?

Important information, which can help you determine if the Oxford Clarendon Graduate Scholarship is right for you, can be found here:

Additional information on the Oxford Clarendon Graduate Scholarship, including application criteria, can be found at:

Additional Information


How the ORC can help

After reading this website and the official Oxford Clarendon Graduate Scholarship website you should attend an information session. Info sessions can be found at

Amount Awarded: 
Tuition and college fees, living expenses
Number Awarded: 

About the Oxford Clarendon Graduate Scholarship

Launched in 2001, the Oxford Clarendon Scholarships offer funding to academically excellent graduate students from around the world. Oxford believes that by electing and nurturing the best and brightest minds in any given field the advancement of their study within the community of Oxford will inspire and produce diverse leaders in that field.

The majority of Clarendon scholars are working towards a DPhil (Oxford's name for a PhD). Scholarships are also awarded for 2-year graduate degrees (MPhil/BPhil/MLitt) or 1-year degrees (MSc/MSt/MBA/MFE).

2 years+