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How to Submit Initial or Transfer DS-2019 Scholar Requests

Follow these instructions for submitting initial or transfer requests for J visa scholars.

1. Go to the Bechtel International Center website at and navigate to Bechtel Connect in the top navigation menu.

Navigation menu for Bechtel International Center

2. Click on Submit J Scholar Requests from the Faculty & Departments card to log in.

Option to log in for J Visa Scholars

3. For initial and transfer requests, click on New Sponsorship Request.

New Sponsorship Request menu tab

4. Input name or email of scholar to see if they are already in system. If they are, information will auto-populate. If not in the system, enter additional information required. Be sure to enter the scholar’s name as it appears in the magnetic strip at the bottom of the biographical page in their passport.

Enter scholar information in the system

5. Complete the form fields. Please note that you only need to answer “yes” if the exchange visitor has been in J1/J2 status in the past two years.

Complete the form fields

6. Fill out this section with information as it appears in scholar’s passport. Be sure to select from the dropdown menus for gender, country of birth, and country of citizenship.

Other information to complete

7. For the Department Contact Information, enter the name, phone number and email address of the administrator filling out the form. Also, enter the department name, department manager, and department manager contact information.

Department contact information

8. Click Submit when done.

Submit button