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Reporting Requirements for OPT

Maintaining Your Legal Status While on OPT Workshop Video

All students on Post-Completion OPT (including Cap Gap and STEM extension students) are still considered to be in F-1 status for the period authorized and during the 60-day grace period afterwards. 

F-1 regulations require that the email in the SEVIS database must be kept active at all times. During your program, this email is your Stanford email. After you graduate, please make sure in Axess that the email checked as "preferred" and "primary" is one that you will check often. You will have access to Axess throughout your OPT and STEM OPT period.

F-1 regulations require all students on Post-Completion OPT, Post-Completion STEM OPT, and in Cap-Gap to maintain accurate U.S. physical and mailing addresses as well as a 10-digit phone number. Please update this information directly through the SEVP Portal.  Students MUST update new address information within 10 days of changing to a new address as required by law.

F-1 regulations require all students who are on Post-Completion OPT or Cap-Gap OPT to report their employment information within 10 days of any employment changes. Please update this information directly through the SEVP Portal.

Employment changes take effect approximately 24 hours after you have submitted them in the SEVP Portal. Once your changes have been made, please request a re-issuance of your current I-20: I-20 Reprint Request

F-1 regulations require all students who are on STEM OPT to report any changes in employment or personal information to Bechtel International Center within 10 days of those changes. STEM OPT students may view their employment information through the SEVP Portal but all updates must go through Bechtel International Center.

Students must also report if they are  starting a new degree program after a period of Post-Completion Practical Training. This can be at Stanford or at another U.S. institution.

Students must also report to Bechtel within 10 days if they have changed visa status or departed the U.S. permanently before the end of their Practical Training. This report will result in completion of the F1 SEVIS record.

Failure to report employment in a timely manner could result in violation of F-1 status and jeopardize future entries and employment in the US.