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Additional Employment for H-1B Employees

Concurrent Employment

It may be possible to work for more than one H-1B employer at the same time. Stanford requires all H-1B employees to be employed full-time, however. Concurrent employment, therefore, would require the second employer to file a "concurrent" H-1B petition on behalf of a full-time Stanford employee. The Stanford department must be prepared to continue to pay a full-time salary to employees who seek concurrent employment.

Off-Site Employment

Stanford sponsored H-1B status allows the employee only to work for the university in the occupation for which he or she was hired. H-1B status does not permit compensation for any work not approved in the Stanford H-1B petition.

Working for Stanford at Another Location

H-1B regulations restrict employees to how much time they may spend working at another location other than the one specified on their Labor Condition Application form.  If the employee’s job duties require him or her to work for a period of more than five days at another job location inside the U.S., the department should contact Bechtel International Center. This includes telecommuting arrangements.