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The Bechtel International Center will be closed on Fridays from June 14th to September 3rd.

Notaries on Campus

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A notary public is an individual who serves as an unbiased witness when signing legal documents. If you’re in need of notary services, browse this list of notaries on campus. 

This list is not intended to be comprehensive of all notaries on campus. If you know of an amendment or addition to this list, please send an email to Hannah Cho (

How to Make a Notary Appointment 

It’s important to make an appointment with a notary. Be sure to call or email them to set up a convenient time to meet. Most notaries can only schedule an appointment at lunch time or after 5 p.m. 

When you reach out to schedule an appointment, inquire about the service fee they charge and payment methods they accept. There's likely to be a small fee charged for service — and some notaries only accept cash or check.

Notaries on Campus

Timothy Heja Tsung

Civil & Environmental Engineering
473 Via Ortega
Stanford, CA 94035
P: (650) 353-6095

Leigh Ann Fraley

Research Autopsy Program Coordinator
300 Pasteur Drive 
Stanford, CA 94035
P: (650) 455-9900

Drina Adams

Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences
75 Alta Rd.
Stanford, CA 94035
P: (650) 736-0154

Char Armitage

Administrative Associate to Stephen Montgomery, Ph.D.
Stanford University, Department of Pathology
Address 1
300 Pasteur Drive
Stanford, CA 94035
P: (650) 533-7662

Katrina Sarkissian

Clinical Data Specialist
Stanford University School of Medicine
455 Broadway
Redwood City, CA 94063
P: 650-736-7306

Yesenia Perez

Manager and Executive Associate
Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery
Address 1
Falk Building, CV-235
300 Pasteur Drive
Stanford, CA 94035
Address 2
870 Quarry Rd,
Palo Alto, CA 94304
P: (650) 391-6142

Marissa G. Hall

Housing Programs Senior Associate
Owen House
552 O’Connor Lane
Stanford, CA 94305
P: 650-725-7081

Janice A. Smith

Administrative Associate, Division of Blood and Marrow Transplantation
300 Pasteur Drive, Room H0144
Stanford, CA 94305
P: 650.724.4155

Tasha Jackson

Administrative Associate
Mechanical Engineering- Thermoscience
452 Escondido Mall Building 520, Room 118
Stanford, CA 94305
P: 650-721-3276

Alice Schroeder

Senior Administrator
Department of Comparative Medicine
300 Pasteur Drive, Edwards R321
Stanford, CA 94035
P: 650-723-2998

Abby Chan

Systems Librarian
Stanford Business Library Bass Center
655 Knight Way
Stanford, CA 94305
P: 650.736.1288

Elena C. Serrano

Assistant to Professor Mark D. Zoback and NGI/SCITS Affiliates Program
397 Panama Mall, Mitchell Bldg., Room 349
Stanford, CA 94305
P: 650.723.1568

Danielle N. Ghasemieh

Office of the Chair, Administrative Associate III

Department of Ophthalmology | Stanford University

2452 Watson Court, Palo Alto, CA 94303(Byers Eye Institute)

2370 Watson Court, Palo Alto, CA (Spencer Center for Vision Research)

Mobile Contact: (424)465-0046

Dina Elias

Administrative Associate– Pathology  Stanford University • School of Medicine  Department of Pathology  300 Pasteur Drive Stanford, CA 94305  Tel: (650) 498-2162 

Sheila M. Hines

Financial Analyst
Vaden Health Center
866 Campus Drive
Stanford, CA 94305
P: 650-723-2982

Melissa Findley

Administrative Associate, Human Resources

Hoover Institution | Stanford University

434 Galvez Mall | Stanford, CA 94305


Phone: 650.723.5758

Cedra Wright

Administrative Associate III

Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences

Stanford University| School of Medicine

(650) 723-0667

Rosangel Garcia

Administrative Associate III

Department of Ophthalmology | Stanford University

2452 Watson Ct, Palo Alto, CA 94303

Phone 650-725-5572


Jeremy Lucky

Administrative Associate III | Facilities Coordinator

Department of Ophthalmology | Stanford University

2370 Watson Court, Palo Alto, CA 94303

Phone: (650) 723-9386 

Fax: (650) 736-8232


Learn More about Notaries Public

Visit California Mobile Notary Publics to learn more about the services that notaries provide.