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Additional Information for H-1B Employees

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Concurrent Employment

As an H-1B employee, it may be possible for you to work for more than one H-1B employer at the same time. 

Stanford, however, requires all H-1B employees to be employed full time. Concurrent employment (i.e., any employment beyond your full-time employment at Stanford), requires your second employer to file a "concurrent" H-1B petition on your behalf. You must continue to work full time for Stanford and the Stanford department must be prepared to continue to pay your full time salary even when you are concurrently employed elsewhere.

Work Restrictions for H-1B Employees

A Stanford-sponsored H-1B does not allow you to work for the university in an occupation other than that for which you were hired.

H-1B regulations restrict the amount of time you may spend working at another location other than the one specified on your Labor Condition Application form.  If your job duties require you to work for a period of more than five days at another job location — including telecommuting — inside the U.S., your department should contact Bechtel International Center.