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Overseas Scholarships

The Overseas Resource Center (ORC) works with undergraduates and graduate students, post-docs as well as recent alumni pursuing scholarships for study and research abroad.

What you can expect from us:

  • Assessing which scholarships are right for you.
  • Guidance on developing a competitive scholarship application.
  • Preparation for interviews including developing interviewing skills and providing, in some cases, mock interviews.
  • Connections to alumni scholarships recipients.
  • Support for you at all stages of your application.

We accomplish the above by:

  • Providing information sessions on scholarship opportunities.
  • Providing workshops on aspects of a scholarship application.
  • Offering one-on-one advising.
  • Maintaining a library with scholarship literature.
  • For some awards, binders of successful application essays.
  • A mentor database of previous Stanford scholars.
  • Referring you to other offices on campus, which can provide important support for you.

The ORC is involved with two types of scholarships:

  1. Scholarships with a campus process that generally require a Stanford endorsement or nomination of some kind.
  2. Scholarships that do not require a campus process or Stanford endorsement. We maintain a growing list of such overseas awards and can provide advice and support for your application.


Check out a story on how the Overseas Resource Center helps Stanford students earn international scholarships. The article was featured in the Stanford RoundAbout on 2-6-20.