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Tax Webinars

We will offer two tax webinars in March to help international students and scholars understand the process of filing taxes.

General Federal and State Tax Webinar

Video recording of 2019 webinar can be found here

Topics covered in Webinar 1 (Federal Tax and State Tax)

Students and Scholars learn the basics of U.S. income tax filing including:

  • Filing Requirements (Resident vs. Nonresident)
  • Due Dates, Forms, W-2’S, 1042-S, 1099, 8843, 1098-T
  • Substantial Presence Test Explained
  • Income Tax Treaties Explained—Key Benefits
  • Exempt Individual Explained
  • Types of Income—Foreign Source Income
  • Key Differences between Resident and Nonresident taxes
  • 1040NR vs 1040 NR-EZ. What is the Difference?
  • Live Q&A

State Tax Webinar

You will be able to view the live webinars at Bechtel International Center Assembly Room or from your personal devices.
Video recording of 2019 webinar can be found here

Topic covered in Webinar 2 (California State Tax)

California Form 540NR Income Tax Return Preparation
Live Q&A


Federal and State Tax Workshop for Resident Aliens   April 3, 2019  5-6:30pm

Graduate Community Center: Havana Room 750 Escondido Rd, Stanford, CA 94305

This workshop is only for US citizens, permanent residents, and those considered resident aliens for tax purposes. To determine if you are a non-resident or resident alien for tax purposes, please see information here.