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The Billie Achilles Fund

Students must follow university guidelines regarding health and social activities during COVID-19

Bechtel International Center is pleased to provide funding to encourage programming, with an international focus. The purpose of the fund is to provide support for creative programs developed by student organizations to increase contact and understanding between people of different cultural backgrounds. In order to qualify, events must include an intercultural component. The fund is named after Billie Achilles who was a longtime friend to international students at Stanford. 

Organizations that are eligible to apply for funds are

  • registered international student organizations at Stanford
  • registered Stanford student organizations whose goals include international understanding
  • Community Committee for International Students (CCIS)

The Achilles fund cannot support

  • events primarily social in nature (such as parties or student group planning meetings etc.)
  • the purchase of alcohol
  • events mainly of interest for members of one student association only

How to Apply

Applications are accepted throughout the quarter but should be submitted at least 8 weeks before the event is to take place, as it can take that much time for the transfer of funds. 

Fill out the web form available here

Additional Information

  • Stanford-Registered Voluntary Student Organizations (VSO) are eligible to receive up to $1000 in funding for an event hosted at the Bechtel International Center and $500 for an event hosted elsewhere. The max yearly funding an organization may receive is $3000 and this is contingent upon the availability of funds for the particular academic year.
  • All advertising for the event must include the phrase “This event is supported by the Billie Achilles fund and the Bechtel International Center.”
  • Two weeks prior to the event, organizers are required to send a plain text announcement and JPEG flyer for the Bechtel International Center social mailing list and Facebook page to
    • Event flyer
    • Event information– event information needs to include:
      • Student group name: Make sure to spell out the group's name, as community members may not be familiar with acronyms
      • Event name
      • Date of event
      • Time of event
      • Location of event
      • Event purpose/description - (The Achilles Fund supports events that foster cultural exchange)
      • Free and open to the public
      • Billie Achilles fund blurb - “This event is supported by the Billie Achilles fund and the Bechtel International Center.” 

Following the completion of the event, a written report (preferably including pictures) must be submitted to The Bechtel Programs Team. This report should also include the number of people who attended.