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Dependents in the U.S.

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For immigration purposes, dependents are the spouse or children of the applicant who are in the US and who obtained their visa status in the US through their relationship to the applicant.  

Dependent immigration statuses include: H-4, F-2, J-2, TD.

If the applicant has dependents in the US, in any of these dependent immigration statuses, an application must be filed to change or extend the status of the dependents along with the main application for the employee.

Please remember that the I-539 applications for the dependents are personal applications that Stanford is not responsible for. We cannot advise on the I-539 or the biometric appointments. We do not forward form I-765 with the I-539.

If submitting a dependent application along with the H-1B beneficiary's petition, each dependent must submit this signed affidavit to Bechtel with their application.

A dependent application includes:

  1. A completed form I-539 for the first dependent and completed form(s) I-539A for each additional dependent: Download the form (under Forms and Document Downloads) and USCIS instructions. See Bechtel International Center instructions to fill out form I-539.  I-539A instructions for each additional dependent can be found here.  
  2. Separate checks payable to US Department of Homeland Security.  See current fees here.  These fees can be paid by the beneficiary or the department.
  3. Color copies of the following documents for each dependent:
    1. Passport bio page plus all US visa stamps
    2. I-94 arrival-departure record: Print out of electronic I-94 record
    3. All previously issued US immigration documents: I-20 forms, I-797 H-4 approval notices, DS-2019 forms if the dependent was ever in J status
    4. Evidence of each applicant's relationship to the H-1: birth certificate of the dependent children or marriage certificate and proof of termination of any prior marriages
  4. Color copies of the following documents of the H-1B beneficiary:
    1. I-94 arrival-departure record: Print out of electronic I-94 record
    2. Passport bio page
    3. Most current H-1B visa stamp (if applicable)
    4. Most current I-797 approval notice (if applicable)
    5. Last 3 months of pay statements

Dependents Outside the U.S.

Dependents who are not in the US are not subject to immigration regulations, and are not affected by these instructions. After the primary applicant has been granted H-1B status, the dependents can use that approval notice to apply for H-4 at the US consulate in the home country.

More Information

Dependents of H-1B employees who have entered the US in H-4 status or who have changed to that status from another non-immigrant status may remain in the US until the end date noted on their last I-94 record. If the H-1B employee extends his or her H status, the dependents must also extend their status by concurrently submitting a request for an extension. Dependent H-4 students are permitted to study in the US, but they may not work. H-4 status expires for children at the time they reach 21 years old.