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H-1B Document Checklist

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Employee name, emplid and email:

Dept. Contact name, phone, email: 

Workflow transaction number: 

Type of Request (mark one)

  • Initial H-1B - Consular processing
  • Initial H-1B - Change of Status to H-1B within U.S.
  • Extension of current Stanford sponsored H-1B status, consular processing
  • Extension of current Stanford sponsored H-1B status, within U.S.
  • Transfer of H-1B status from a different H-1B sponsor to Stanford (port)
  • Amendment of current H-1B status, without extension

Please use the following checklist to compile a set of single-sided documents for submission to Citizenship and Immigration Services. Cover your dossier with the checklist and mark items as enclosed. Bind with rubber bands and place in a secure envelope. Separate/identify the sections with tabs at the bottom of the page. Please arrange in the order given.


In a separate copy set, compile the items below for processing and recordkeeping.


Please do not:

  • Staple pages
  • Insert card, colored paper or plastic separators
  • Use plastic/adhesive or glue tabs
  • Print double-sided copies
  • Use binder or paper clips
  • Bundle documents in folders, binders or other covers