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TN Letter Template

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This template provides an example of a letter that can be prepared by a department for a TN applicant.

See this document for detailed guidelines, including a link to the Schedule of Occupations you will need to refer to.

Suggested Format/Text Of Letter

Address (either CBP address or Vermont Service Center address—see address information below letter text)

Name of Beneficiary:
Subject: TN nonimmigrant status

Dear Inspector:

This letter supports the use of TN status by the referenced applicant, whom Stanford University wishes to employ for no more than three years, as a (use occupational title from NAFTA Appendix). The salary for the position is $xx,xxx per year.

NAFTA provides for the admission of workers who will be employed temporarily in professional occupations described on the Schedule of Occupations. The employment of the beneficiary is consistent with the Treaty both in terms of the professional employment the beneficiary carries out and the education the beneficiary possesses.

Stanford University is an internationally-known institution of higher learning and research, located south of San Francisco, California. It employs about 17,000 people in various professional disciplines, teaching and support/administrative positions. Describe the department, lab, or venue where the work will take place, giving general information about the kind of work performed, research carried out, and the purpose or objective of the work.

Describe the specific job the employee will perform. Be sure to use the occupational title and/or describe it in terms of the job specified in the NAFTA Appendix, explaining methodologies used to do the work, research or teaching, tools used, and so on. State the term of the appointment or hire and the salary, keeping in mind that this information must be consistent with that provided earlier and that TN status is limited to 3 years.

Describe how the employee is qualified to fill the position, giving educational level, where the education was gained, any training or skills the employee has that are used in performing the job, and other evidence that the employee is specifically qualified to do the work. This may include mention of publications or other professional accomplishments.

We are grateful to you for facilitating this request. Please call me if there are any issues or questions relevant to the work of this department or the applicant's role.

Chair/Principal Investigator


These are the various addresses to use at the top of the letter, according to where and how the applicant will process the TN transaction. Don't mail the letter to the USCIS by itself; if the applicant is extending or otherwise processing the TN case by mail, include the letter with the other materials that will be submitted to Bechtel as part of the larger petition. If the applicant is processing at the border, send him or her the letter.

Address to Use for Application at the Border

Inspector/Free Trade Specialist
U.S. Customs and Border Protection
(name of port of entry or pre-flight inspection counter, if known)

Address to Use when Submitting Petition to Vermont Service Center without Premium Processing

USCIS, Vermont Service Center
ATTN: I-129 TN Processing
38 River Road
Essex Junction VT 05479-0001

Address to Use when Submitting Petition with Premium Processing

Premium Processing Service
USCIS Vermont Service Center
ATTN: I-129 TN Processing
30 River Road
Essex Junction VT 05452-3808