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Programs for International Spouses and Families

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The Bechtel International Center extends a warm welcome to the spouses of international students and visiting scholars at Stanford. It is our hope that your time at Stanford will be an enriching experience for every member of your family.

This program provides events and activities for international spouses and partners. These events are great opportunities to get settled in the Bay Area, build a new network (friendships!), practice English, and develop ideas for an interesting and satisfying life here. 

International Spouse Coffee

Please join us in celebrating International Women's Day with a potluck brunch, inspiring art & conversations this Wednesday, March 06 at the Bechtel International Center.

The Coffee events are ideal opportunities to make new friends & learn more about Bechtel’s programs, classes & workshops for spouses, the Stanford campus, and helpful resources in the nearby communities. No registration is required - just stop by! 

Special Coffee events: February 07 - Lunar New Year celebration, February 14 - Valentine's Day, March 06 - International Women's Day, March 20 - Nowruz celebration

Bechtel To Go

We meet in small groups and explore campus sights together. Please note that all program activities are for spouses and partners of international Stanford students, postdocs and visiting scholars

Getting Started at Stanford 

Are you new to Stanford? Check out the following resources for new spouses and families.

  • Spouse Registration Form
    • Tell us more about yourself so that we can support you with additional information and resources. Fill out our Spouse Registration Form.
  • Join our Volunteer Program Activities at Bechtel
    • Every quarter, an enthusiastic team of volunteers offers a great variety of programs. You can participate remotely & in-person in a wide range of activities, such as cooking classes, conversation groups, or well-being workshops, just to name a few.
    • Check out our Winter Quarter Program to learn more about recent events for spouses and families.
  • Stay in Touch! 

Spouse/Family Newsletter

Stay up to date on spouse and family events with out weekly newsletter! 

Winter Quarter Program

Learn more about the events and activities offered during Winter Quarter.