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J-1 Scholar Extension

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Only departments can request extensions of J-1 scholar visas. The request must be made at least two months before the program expiration date indicated on the current DS-2019. 

For some Stanford affiliations, the extension request is routed to an additional office for approval (e.g., Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, Registrar’s Office, Dean of Research, Medical School Dean’s Office) prior to reaching Bechtel International Center. Bechtel processes the extension once it has received approval, when needed, from the relevant office. 

  • Extensions for J-1 scholars in the Research Scholar category are permitted for up to five years. Many Stanford affiliations, however, are limited to a shorter term by university policy.
  • Extensions for J-1 scholars in the Short-Term Scholar category are limited to a six-month duration and cannot be extended.
  • J-2 dependents’ DS 2019s are extended automatically with the extension of the J-1’s DS-2019.

Once Bechtel approves and issues the extended DS-2019, the department is notified by email to pick up the form. 

If the J-1 entry visa has expired, the J Scholar must apply for a new visa stamp if s/he travels outside of the U.S. and plans to return to continue the program. Whenever any travel outside the U.S. is planned, do not forget that the DS-2019 needs a valid travel signature and the passport needs a current visa stamp. These requirements apply to all J-2 dependents too.