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Job Offer or Reappointment Letter

Bechtel International Center processes employment visa petitions only after the university has officially extended an offer of employment, or a previously held position is being extended or amended. It is not necessary for the person to be working in the position at the time the petition is filed. The petition process should begin well in advance of the anticipated employment date as USCIS will not approve a petition to start on a date that has passed.

The documentation submitted to Bechtel International Center should include the job offer letter that is routinely provided to all employees when they are hired, their employment is extended, or there are other changes in the employee’s job title, duties or responsibilities. Check with your HR representative if you have any questions.

For Academic Staff—Research (AS-R) appointments and for Postdoc appointments, either the approval email sent by the Dean of Research office, or in the case of Postdocs, the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, verifying the appointment or the offer letter are acceptable evidence of job offer or reappointment. The visa and appointment processes are parallel to each other, so you may submit the visa package to Bechtel with the acknowledgement that the appointment or reappointment is being reviewed simultaneously and the respective office approving the appointment or re-appointment will send the appointment approval email notification to Bechtel. That email can then be printed by Bechtel so that it can be included in the petition in lieu of the appointment or reappointment letter.