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How to View, Complete, and Submit Pending DS-2019 Scholar Requests

1. Once you click submit button for a New Sponsorship Request, you will receive an email from Bechtel International Center. Click on the link in the email to log into Bechtel Connect and view the dashboard.

2. Once you are logged into Bechtel Connect, select the Pending Records tab, and then find and select the request record.

Pending records tab

3. Complete information about the scholar that does not auto-populate, such as date of birth and gender.

Scholar information

4. On the next screen, continue to complete information that does not auto-populate. If the scholar has been a J-1 exchange visitor or J-2 dependent of a J-1 exchange visitor before, provide the dates in the field indicated by the red arrow.

Additional screen of scholar information

5. Complete the scholar’s country of birth and citizenship on the Biographical Information screen.

Biographical info

6. You don’t need to fill out Contact Information in the section below.

Contact info

7. Compete the scholar’s foreign address.
Foreign address screen

8. If the scholar has dependents (spouse and/or children) add them to them and complete the information fields required for J2 Dependent Information. Select the +Add button to add additional dependents.

Dependent info

9. Add Emergency Contact Information for the scholar. You must click on the Update button in order for the information to be saved.

Emergency Contact Info screen

10. Once you’ve updated the scholar record, select the Department tab from the portal dashboard. Complete department and faculty sponsor information that does not auto-populate.

Department info screen

11. Complete the Site of Activity Information and Exchange Visitor Information fields. In the Address Line 2 field, add the name of the department, lab or SLAC. In the Description of proposed research or teaching activities field, add a general description.

Site activity info screen

12. Fill out the Funding Information. Funding documents needs to be provided by the scholar where applicable. All funding documents should be stored by the department for three years. Documentation should not be provided to the Bechtel International Center.

Additional descriptions of each field are as follows:

  • Funding from Institution: This is the home (foreign) institution, university or company
  • Scholar’s Government: Funds from the government of the permanent residence country
  • Sponsoring Organization: Funds from Stanford
  • Personal Funds: Personal funding from the scholar

Funding information screen
If the scholar has funding from an institution/organization outside of Stanford, please provide the name below

Please specify the source of "Institution Funding"

13. Select the appropriate option below regarding English proficiency. Use the carrot symbol to expand the drop down.

English proficiency screen

14. Select the appropriate options below to complete additional information fields. Use the carrot symbols to expand the drop down menus.

Additional descriptions of the fields are as follows:

  • EV Category: Select either Research Scholar or Short-Term Scholar from the drop down menu
  • Stanford Classification: Select one of the four affiliations from the drop down menu
  • Most Recent Position: Indicate the last position held in the country of legal permanent residency
  • Most Recent Employer or School: Indicate the employer or school where the last position was held in the country of legal permanent residency

Additional info screen

15. Choose an answer below about the scholar’s current visa status. If the answer is yes, provide an explanation.

Current visa status screen

16. If submitting a transfer to Stanford, provide transfer information.

Additional descriptions of the fields are as follows:

  • SEVIS ID: From current sponsoring institution
  • Current Program Start and End Dates: As listed on current DS-2019
  • J Sponsor and Advisor Name: As listed on current DS-2019
  • Advisor Email: Email of scholar advisor (scholar can provide)
  • Advisor Phone Number: As listed on current DS-2019

Transfer info screen

17. Continue by completing insurance information and attesting to the accuracy of all data in your submission. When finished, you must select Update to save and submit.

Attestation screen

18. From the dashboard, now select the Documents tab.

Dashboard view

19. Upload a photo of the J1’s passport bio-demo page. Do the same for J2s if applicable.

Upload screen

20. When you are ready to submit your request to the Bechtel International Center, select the Submit button.

Submit screen

21.Once Bechtel approves the request, you will receive an email notification. The request will also appear in your
Active Records tab.

Active Records tab